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Tree Specialist In Gainesville, FL

Regular tree care assessments and inspections are crucial, especially in places like Gainesville, FL. It’s easy for a homeowner to look out to their yard and see what appears to be a healthy, thriving landscape. One may assume everything is doing well when there aren’t obvious signs of tree problems, such as branches falling off excessively, bare patches without leaves, or large areas of missing bark. Unfortunately, once you notice those overly obvious signs of poor tree health, it may be too late to nourish the tree back to health. Regular tree health assessments and tree risk assessments are crucial, especially for mature trees. This can prevent small problems from becoming larger and irreparable and give insight into maintaining the health and longevity of your trees.

Get professional tree service that’s a cut above the rest when you hire our Gainesville tree specialists! Contact True Cut Tree Service, Inc. today to schedule a complimentary tree assessment.

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Why Assess Your Trees?

A tree care assessment is a good idea for residential and commercial properties alike, whether you’ve just recently moved or you want to re-assess a property you’ve owned for years. Tree-care assessments are a staple for tree companies, allowing you to see how healthy (or unhealthy) your trees are. Even if you think your trees are in fine shape, a tree assessment can help ensure the health of your trees and avoid safety hazards or damages to your property. Similar to a yearly physical exam at the doctor’s office, a tree assessment is a great way for the “tree doctor” to check up on your trees to make sure there aren’t any red flags and your trees can grow and thrive.

When To Get An Assessment

In a perfect world, tree care assessments should be conducted every six months — in the summer and winter. The summer assessment will allow your tree care professional to look at the color and concentration of your trees’ leaves, evaluate balance, see which branches are having difficulty maintaining the weight of their foliage, and more. The winter assessment helps identify potential decay, mistletoe infestations on deciduous trees, and general signs of poor health or compromised integrity that can be easily covered up by heavy summer foliage.

When True Cut Tree Service, Inc. conducts a free tree care assessment, we focus first on the safety of your home and family inside. We will thoroughly inspect every aspect of your tree, from the leaves to the soil, to look for small problems that could worsen if left unchecked. We will communicate the pros, cons, and risks of any potential issues in a no-pressure, professional fashion so you feel comfortable making the right decision for your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our complimentary tree care assessment and other tree care services!

Mature Tree Care

Mature trees provide a host of benefits, from beautifying the landscape to increasing property value and providing shade to reducing energy costs. However, while mature trees may not require the level of care of a growing tree, they still need a certain level of maintenance to ensure their long-term health and beauty.


We thoroughly examine numerous factors, including root depth and strength in relation to tree type, age, life expectancy, degree of lean, timber strength, wind resistance, and signs of weakening or compromised junctions. We also look for a multitude of visible signs that may indicate rot, decay, infection, infestations, and general poor tree health.


Tree pruning is about more than just making the tree look nice and shapely. Even though pruning removes parts of the tree, pruning is vital for the tree’s health because it removes diseased, insect-infested, dead, weak, or decaying parts. It also thins the foliage, allowing more sunlight to penetrate while increasing wind resistance. Knowing which limbs to prune can also limit interference with utility lines and structures, reduce obstructions on sidewalks and pathways, and mitigate storm damages.


Soil is the foundation of your tree’s health, providing nutrients and stability. Proper fertilization may address nutritional deficiencies, but good soil still needs a proper pH, aeration, drainage, permeability, and consistency. We can test the soil for nutrients, administer proper soil amendment, aerate the soil if necessary, address drainage issues, and reduce soil erosion so tree cabling won’t become necessary unless there are other damages to the tree.


While our goal is always to keep the tree, tree removal may be a necessary last resort if the tree is dying or dead, creates too large a risk, causes an obstruction that trimming can’t fix, needs to be removed for construction, is an invasive species, or is crowding other nearby plants, trees, or structures. The good news is that once the tree is removed, stump grinding can leave you with nutrient-rich mulch to be integrated into the soil and plant beds to nourish the remaining plants.

Professional Tree Service In Gainesville, FL

A tree care assessment provides insight and peace of mind regarding your landscape’s health and wellbeing. True Cut Tree Service, Inc. brings safety and excellence to all of Gainesville’s tree care needs. Every project starts with one of our free consultations, helping us to understand your goals and specific needs and answer any questions or concerns you have. Our attention to detail ensures that your landscape will be clean, safe, and ready for you to enjoy as soon as we’re done. Have more questions about getting the best possible care for your trees and landscape? Review our tree care FAQs and contact us to speak with a tree specialist.