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Tree Specialist In Gainesville, FL

Trees are the decorations of the yard and are an integral part of the landscape design of your commercial property. Trees give any property a pop of curb appeal while providing years of shade, property value, privacy, and climate regulation. Our licensed and insured arborists have the experience and equipment to provide regular maintenance and care to maintain the integrity, health, and beauty of the trees on your commercial property. Our tree service in Gainesville is dedicated to caring for your trees, no matter their size, and we are fully licensed, certified, and insured for all your tree care needs!

From tree trimming and tree removal to emergency services and cabling and bracing, contact us for more information about our complete range of tree services for commercial properties and to schedule a free tree assessment.

Professional Tree Service. Exceptional Results.

At True Cut Tree Service, Inc., our Gainesville tree specialists pride themselves on providing commercial properties in Gainesville, FL with the highest-quality tree care possible while providing cost-effective solutions to effectively maintain all the beautiful trees dotting your commercial property. We provide care for all types of trees with comprehensive tree care services, including tree trimming and pruning, stump grinding, tree cable and bracing, tree risk assessments, emergency tree service, and land and lot clearing. Contact us today so one of our tree specialists can identify a plan that works best for your trees! If you are looking for more information, review our tree care FAQs.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Professional tree trimming and pruning services are necessities for trees and help preserve the tree’s strength, health, and integrity. Tree trimming removes overgrowth, allowing your trees to receive proper moisture and light. Without routine tree trimming, trees and their canopies can quickly become overgrown, scattering debris all across your commercial property and potentially posing a safety threat to your visitors and employees. Through our tree cutting service, we can remove improperly balanced branches or dead branches before they decay and help combat tree diseases and other potential tree health hazards.

Commercial Tree Removal

Trees are a beautiful and significant part of your commercial property’s curb appeal. While our arborists in Gainesville will do everything in their power to save damaged or dying trees, tree removal may be necessary if the trees are too far gone. Dead trees on your commercial property are not only an eyesore, but they can pose a safety hazard to any visitors or employees on your commercial property. Contact our tree removal company today for effective and efficient tree removal.

Tree Risk Assessment

When looking at the trees on your commercial property, you might not be able to notice any serious underlying issues, which is why regular tree risk assessment is crucial, especially in areas that experience heavy storms throughout the year. Professional tree assessments are able to provide you with insight into the state of your trees, which can help prevent potential tree problems that could cause irreparable damage. During each assessment, our team will carefully examine the depth and strength for your type of tree, age and life expectancy, degree of lean, timber strength, wind resistance, any signs of weakness, and other factors that could be impacting the health of your tree.

Stump Grinding

After a tree is removed from your commercial property, you may be left with a stump protruding from the ground, which can create an eyesore on your property, decreasing curb appeal. In addition, as time progresses and the stump endures weather changes, the stump can decay and often grow fungi. This fungi can house termites and other insects that can be a danger to your commercial property and impact the health of other plants and trees on your property. True Cute Tree Service, Inc. provides professional stump grinding and stump removal services, so whether you have one or multiple stumps that need grinding, our team is ready to start working!

Tree Cabling & Bracing

From seed to sprout, a tree’s physical structure may not support its growth, leading to structural problems and possible failure. Unstable tree growth can also cause structural failure of large branches, trunks, and root systems, which could lead to property damage and personal injury to your company’s employees or visitors. True Cut Tree Services, Inc. can help you preserve your landscape and safety with professional tree bracing and tree cabling services that can help improve the structural integrity of your trees. Contact us to learn more about our cabling and bracing services or to get a free estimate.

Land Clearing

If you want to transform your property, lot clearing is one of the fundamental tasks, along with tree trimming and tree removal. Lot clearing sets the stage for your project by removing trees and shrubs from your plot of land, clearing room for construction, renovations, and lawn expansions. When preparing your property for construction, even the most minor land clearing requires careful attention from a professional company. True Cut Tree Services, Inc. can properly clear and prepare your land for the next steps of your project!

24/7 Emergency Tree Service

Commercial properties in Gainesville are no strangers to heavy Florida storms. After a large storm passes, finding uprooted trees, broken branches, or scattered debris around your commercial property is common! For all your emergency tree removal and service needs, you can trust our tree care company to help, as we handle all aspects of emergency tree services, all while protecting your property. When your commercial property is secure, our tree care company can haul and recycle debris and thoroughly clean the property.

Your Trusted Gainesville Tree Specialists

Boost your commercial property’s curb appeal and keep your property safe for yourself and your loved ones with commercial tree services from True Cut Tree Service, Inc. Well-cared-for trees are beneficial for the environment and your property’s aesthetic value. We take pride in delivering the highest-quality tree care in Gainesville, FL for cost-effective solutions and gorgeous natural landscapes that clients may enjoy for years to come! Contact our tree specialists today to schedule a complimentary tree assessment.