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5 Reasons To Plant A Tree

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Trees are a vital part of our planet and crucial to our survival. They provide… Keep Reading

4 Tips For Watering Trees In Hot Weather

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Florida heat waves can prove detrimental to your tree’s health and other plants. Ensuring your… Keep Reading

6 Great Summer Trees

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As the home of almost year-round summer, Florida trees should be picked for their shading… Keep Reading

Diseases That Can Make Your Tree Sick

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Plant diseases can make your tree sick, affecting its aesthetics and overall health and integrity.… Keep Reading

4 Benefits Of Tree Preservation

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Beyond the many aspects we already appreciate about trees, such as providing us with oxygen,… Keep Reading

Common Tree Pests & How To Spot Them

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Florida is home to a plethora of insect and bug species, some helpful, some harmless,… Keep Reading