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Stump Removal & Grinding In Gainesville, FL

Following tree removal, homeowners may be left with a stump protruding out of the ground ranging from 3–8 inches in height. Depending on the tree’s location on your property, the leftover stump could be an eyesore, an inconvenience, or a potential safety hazard. Stump grinding can remove the stump, leaving you with more usable space and wood chips to use in your landscaping! Don’t ignore a rotting or infested tree stump, our tree specialists are here to help! Schedule stump grinding service today!

True Cut Tree Service, Inc. offers the best in professional tree service, including all the tree care services you need to help your tree care needs to achieve and maintain top health. We’re also available for storm and emergency services when safety matters the most!

Man cutting into tree with a chainsaw.

Why Remove A Tree Stump?

The truth is you don’t need to remove a stump from your property. If that’s a part of your landscape design, keep the stump! Some homeowners elect to have the stump left a little higher than normal, so they can put flower pots or yard decorations on top. Many leave the stumps because they aren’t a bother or worth the cost of having them ground or removed. However, there are benefits of having a tree stump ground or removed.

Remove Eyesores & Hazards

The most common reason for tree stump removal is the ease of use throughout the yard and aesthetics. However, tree stumps can distract from an otherwise pristine landscape, especially if the stump is decaying or has growths. Stumps can also make it more difficult to cultivate your landscaping, creating obstacles for lawn mowing due to the stump’s extrusion and underground roots. They can also be tripping hazards, creating a dangerous place for children, the elderly, and guests.

Create More Usable Space

While a stump can act as a natural table or seating, removing a stump can create a more usable space for an actual table or seating. Depending on the stump’s size, you may be missing out on multiple feet worth of space that can be better used. Stump grinding and removal are essential for land clearing for lawn expansions, landscaping additions, construction, and home improvement projects.

Infestations & Growths

As tree stumps begin to decay, they can be a haven for fungi, termites, other insects, and annoying sucker and water sprouts. Not only can this be unsightly, but it can pose a danger to the health of surrounding plants. Termites and pests can pose a risk for your home or business as well.

Safe For Surrounding Plants

While there are other methods for stump removal, stump grinding is the safest and most natural. Chemical removal options are toxic and can make the ground unfit for new growth and leak into surrounding plants, making them sick and weak. Stump grinding is a precise way to eliminate the stump without disturbing nearby plants.

Improved Soil & Mulch

Wood chips from healthy stumps can be used as mulch for garden beds or tilled into the soil to improve water infiltration and retention, drainage, aeration, sunlight permeation, and soil structure. Mulch and wood chips also decompose naturally over time, adding nutrients to the soil that plants and grass rely on.

Stump Removal or Stump Grinding?

Typically, the only time using an excavator for stump removal is the better option is when you will be building a foundation over where the tree used to be. In these instances, it’s essential not to leave an abundance of tree matter behind, which will decay and can cause the foundation to shift and become unstable for driveways, walkways, or building foundations. Full stump removal is often the best option for commercial projects and residential construction.

On the other hand, stump grinding is easier and less expensive. There is less mess, the required equipment is much smaller, and there is better ease of access without disturbing the lawn. In most situations, stump grinding is the preferred choice for residential landscaping needs.

Why Choose Our Stump Grinding Services?

Anyone can purchase or rent a stump grinder, so why should hire us for your stump grinding services? For one thing, renting a stump grinder for a one- or two-day job can often be more expensive than hiring a professional stump grinding company. Purchasing one can be many times that cost. Additionally, we use top-of-the-line equipment to do the job better than rental equipment. There’s also the issue of safety to consider. While they may look straightforward and simple to operate, stump grinders feature sharp cutting wheels and strong hydraulics. Professionals are aware of all necessary safety precautions and have access to safety equipment to protect themselves.

Our tree care company offers superior safety and excellence for all of Gainesville’s tree care needs. Whether you have one stump or a 1,000 that need grinding, our team is ready and able to perform every project with professionalism and safety at the forefront. We offer prompt service, as well as no-questions-asked free, regrinds if you are not completely satisfied.

Professional Tree Care Services

Before deciding on tree removal, consider having a tree care assessment to determine if the tree’s health can be improved first or if a healthy tree can be transplanted. For trees that need some TLC, tree cabling and tree trimming can go a long way in keeping the tree healthy and lush long term. Contact us today for more information!