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Gainesville, FL Stump Grinding

Following tree removal, homeowners may be left with a stump protruding out of the ground ranging from 3 – 8 inches in height. Depending on where the tree is located on your property, the leftover stump could be an eyesore, an inconvenience, or a potential safety hazard.

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Man cutting into tree with a chainsaw.

Why Remove A Tree Stump?

The truth is that you don’t have to remove a stump from your property. If that’s a part of your landscape design then, by all means, keep the stump! Some homeowners elect to have the stump left a little higher than normal so they can put flower pots or yard decorations on top. Some homeowners leave the stumps just because the stumps aren’t a bother to them or worth the cost of having them ground.

However, there are a few potential consequences that could be the result of leaving the stump. Tree stumps will eventually decay and often grow fungi, and can potentially house termites and other insects, making them potentially dangerous to the home and family. This could impact the overall health of other plants and trees in your, spreading infection to otherwise healthy organisms.

The most common reasons for having stump grinding performed is the ease of use throughout the yard and aesthetics. When you have a stump ground they typically go approximately 6 inches below grade, and you will be left with a pile of mulch much larger than you would expect. Some of the mulch is usable, but the bottom portions of the mulch are largely mixed with dirt and are not aesthetically pleasing for flower beds or other areas throughout the yard.

Stump Removal or Stump Grinding?

Typically, the only time it is a preferable choice to dig out your stumps with an excavator, also known as a stump removal, is when you are going to be building a foundation over the ground where the tree used to be. This is useful as the roots that would decay are removed before the slab is poured.

Stump grinding is a much easier and less expensive option than stump removal. There is much less mess, the equipment required is much smaller, and the ease of access is much better. In the vast majority of situations, stump grinding is the preferred choice for residential applications.

Choose Our Professional Tree Service

Our tree care company offers superior safety and excellence to all of Gainesville’s tree care needs. Whether you have one stump or a 1000 stumps that need grinding, our team is ready and able to execute with safety at the forefront of every project. We offer very prompt service, as well as free regrinds without question, if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied.