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True Cut Tree Service, Inc. specializes in all aspects of tree service, ranging from tree trimming and tree risk assessment to land clearing and stump grinding, for comprehensive tree care that meets the unique requirements of our clients and the trees on their properties. As Gainesville’s tree specialists, our team strives to ensure that our clients have the highest quality of service possible and all the information about tree care they need to make the best decisions for their property. Here, we’ve compiled a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our available tree services. Should you have additional questions about tree care, tree service, or if you’d simply like to schedule a free tree assessment, please contact us. We look forward to providing you with services that help keep your trees healthy, safe, and thriving year after year.


When choosing a tree care company, three key factors to consider are quality, reliability, and experience. True Cut Tree Service, Inc. has years of experience in the tree service industry and provides all-encompassing tree services, including tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, 24/7 emergency tree services, cabling and bracing, stump grinding, land clearing, and more. What’s more, our company is certified, licensed, and insured to help ensure top-quality services for each client, every time. Tree service can be a dangerous line of work. As such, they should always be performed by experienced professionals. Making sure that your team of tree specialists are properly insured not only protects you from liability but it also helps ensure that your property is protected from potential risks as well. Want to learn more about our professional tree care company? Please contact us today!

We provide professional tree services to clients located throughout Alachua County within North Central Florida. Our tree service areas include Gainesville, Newberry,  Jonesville, Haile Plantation, Archer, Cross Creek, Hawthorne, High Springs, Micanopy, Melrose, Orange Heights, Waldo, Windsor, and Alachua. Want to know if we serve your area? Please contact True Cut Tree Service, Inc., and we’ll be happy to help answer any questions you may have!

To keep your trees healthy and well cared for, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional, local tree service. While there is plenty you can do on your own to help preserve tree health, having a professional maintain your trees will really make a difference. Concerning scheduling tree service, it’s important to note that no two trees are identical and, as such, each tree may require different care. The species of the trees on your property, for example, may be a significant factor that influences the type of tree services needed, such as tree trimming, tree pruning, or tree removal, and when you need them. We offer year-round services to accommodate all of our clients’ tree needs. In many cases, the warmer seasons of the year (the growing season of trees) such as summer and spring are ideal times to evaluate tree health and schedule minor trimming or pruning. However, fall and winter (the tree’s dormant stage), may be the ideal time to pursue heavier pruning. Contact us to speak with a tree specialist today and find the tree-care regimen that best suits your needs!

Our certified and licensed tree specialists believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to tree care. Like humans, trees also benefit from regular, preventative care through a proactive maintenance and care plan. The significance of proactive, professional tree care is the exact framework our tree specialists use to create individualized treatment plans for our clients. In all, the best thing you can do for your trees is to contact our insured tree care company to schedule a free tree assessment!

There are an array of benefits to having and maintaining trees on your property. The natural beauty that trees bring to your outdoor landscape is beyond measure. Trees act like air filters, improving air quality by removing pollutants, smoke, dust, and other airborne pollutants. Trees can likewise help homeowners conserve energy by providing shade and acting and windscreens, producing cost-saving benefits. The shade created by trees also prevents water from evaporating too quickly from the surrounding grass lawn. During hurricane season and storms, healthy and strong trees provide structures with solid barriers from the winds and debris. Properties containing healthy trees are much less likely to sustain damage in a storm than those with unhealthy trees or no trees at all. Plus, trees are aesthetically pleasing! Well-maintained trees can help make properties more desirable and attractive. For these reasons (among many others), hiring a professional tree service for all of your tree needs is important.

Yes! Along with tree trimming, our company offers professional tree pruning services. Trees need to be pruned for many reasons, including aesthetics, safety, and overall tree health. If a tree is not effectively pruned, dead limbs can fall onto a property or impact the overall health of the tree. Your trees should be pruned and trimmed only by professionals in the tree industry to maintain the health and safety of your trees and the surrounding property. Without regular tree care or by hiring a non-professional for tree service, you could sacrifice the aesthetic value your trees provide, the safety of your trees and property, and the vitality of your trees.

There are some things to consider concerning tree trimming. First, ask yourself the following questions: Are the branches on my tree sagging? Is there dead wood within my tree? Are branches and leaves brushing against my home or roof? Are my trees crowded by one another? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s likely that your trees require professional tree pruning or trimming. While there are many variables to consider, we make it easy and are happy to walk you through a comprehensive selection of professional tree service options for maintaining optimal tree health. Contact True Cut Tree Service, Inc. today to speak with a tree specialist and schedule a free tree assessment.

Yes! Generally, the best time to apply tree fertilizers is during the tree’s dormant season (typically November through March). Another beneficial timeframe is between the spring and early summer months (April through June). However, the best way to go about fertilizing your tree is with the help of a tree care specialist with True Cut Tree Service, Inc. We can help ensure your tree has everything it requires to grow, thrive, and endure for years to come.

Tree mulching reduces environmental stress on trees and provides stable root environments that keep the tree cool during hot months and insulated during cold months, promoting tree growth and vitality. In general, we recommend applying mulch uniformly in layers that are between 2-3 inches in thickness and extending from multiple inches (about 1–2 inches) away from the trunk to as far as possible away from the tree. Avoid mulching immediately against the trunk to avoid collar rot.

When watering trees, make sure you do deep watering on occasion, rather than less-frequent, surface-level watering or shallow watering. Deep watering helps promote deep root growth. In general, the best time to water your trees is during the early morning hours, before the sun is full, as watering later in the day, such as in the afternoon, will likely yield to significant water evaporation. Water the areas directly below and surrounding the tree instead of the leaves, as the main uptake of water and nutrients in a tree starts from the roots.

More questions about fertilizer, watering, mulching, or tree care in general? Contact True Cut Tree Service, Inc.

Partial needle loss and/or color change in pine trees is common and may not indicate pine beetles or even a tree health problem. Bark beetles are, however, among the most common causes of tree death in Florida Pines. These beetles attack healthy trees by boring into the wood and severing essential water and nutrient pipelines, rapidly killing the tree.

Once a pine tree is in seriously compromised health, there is typically no effective method of reversal. In these situations, the best course of action is tree removal and stump grinding. However, by acting quickly, you greatly increase the likelihood of saving surrounding trees and helping them resist damage due to bark beetles and other tree-health hazards. Be on the lookout for holes, dust, and resin oozing from the tree, and call us should any of these signs become apparent!

The most prevalent culprits in the Gainesville area for uprooting are water and laurel Oak trees, primarily due to their weak and shallow root systems. The stronger degree of lean towards the home and the higher amount of brush/top-heaviness, the more concerning the tree can become. Pine trees, while employing a strong taproot system, do not often uproot. Instead, they are known for snapping due to the brittle nature of the timber. The lack of brush compounds the potential damage to pad its fall. For example, compared to a fluffy oak limb, there is just a large piece of solid wood that could be falling from the sky.

Pine trees, laurels, and water oaks should be carefully evaluated when planted close to a home or structure of any kind. It is important to consider the health and type of tree and the degree to which it leans, among a multitude of other variables, for a comprehensive picture of what your landscape needs. We also provide emergency tree service for situations in which a tree requires removal for safety reasons, including in preparation for or land clearing and cleanup after a storm. Call us anytime for a free tree care assessment; we’re happy to help!

In most cases, tree removal is a last resort, though there are certain circumstances in which it is necessary. One of our tree specialists can help decide whether or not tree removal is necessary during a tree risk assessment. Our professional tree care team has the skills and equipment necessary to both safely and efficiently remove trees that are beyond repair as well as those that pose a danger to surrounding trees, human and animal safety, and your property. In most cases, tree removal is recommended when the following applies to a tree.

  • The tree is dead or dying
  • The tree is considered to be irreparably hazardous or dangerous
  • The tree causes an obstruction that cannot be corrected with trimming
  • The tree crowds other trees and causes harm to them
  • The tree has severe root problems
  • The tree will be replace by a more suitable tree
  • The tree must be removed to allow for new construction

The safety of our clients and their families is our top priority. Therefore, if you suspect a tree on your property is unsafe or if you experience an emergency concerning your tree, please call us right away. Our staff promptly and professionally handles even the most technically challenging tree removal situations.

Possibly. Some municipalities and areas do require a permit to be issued for the removal of a tree. Whether or not you need a permit depends on several factors, such as the size and location of the tree, whether the tree poses a danger or is considered irreparably hazardous, whether a tree is located on the street, and whether it is a native or invasive species, among other considerations. The tree specialists with True Cut Tree Service, Inc. can help you determine whether permits are required and assist you with identifying how to proceed after that.

Tree cabling is a service performed to help support trees that have structural defects. Structural defects may include a co-dominant union, a cavity, cracks, or other types of aggravating issues. As time passes, high wind speeds can push against the tree’s upper portions and canopies, increasing the amount of pressure on weakened tree areas, possibly resulting in tree failure. Professional tree cabling helps combat this issue by securing the weakest parts of the tree to stronger ones, helping prevent harm caused by wind force and pressure.

Tree bracing also helps stabilize trees with structural defects. It is usually performed close to a tree’s union and uses certain-sized rods to effectively support the weight of the stressed regions of the tree. For trees subject to substantial separation, the resulting crack may be closed with a tensioning device or a come-along device. During the tree-bracing process, our tree specialists drill holes through the tree’s trunk, install rods, and thread a steel rod through the tree, securing it with nuts and washers to help ensure stabilization.

Tree cabling and tree bracing are often performed in conjunction with one another for an individualized solution that helps trees thrive while also remediating structural problems.

When property owners have a tree removed, a professional tree removal company will likely suggest stump grinding services. The remaining stump is ground down when the conditions around the stump’s base permit it. This service is performed using a stump grinder, a powerful machine designed to roll to the stump and then grind it into small fragments. A stump grinder chews away at the wood that remains when a tree is cut down. There will inevitably be a stump whenever a tree is removed, as tree-removal teams can’t cut a tree down flush with the underlying ground. Technically, tree stumps don’t always have to be removed. While whether or not a stump is removed is a decision left to the owners of a property, many property owners elect to have their stumps removed for a wide range of reasons. Depending on where the former tree was located, the leftover stump could be an eyesore, an inconvenience, or a potential safety hazard. What’s more, leftover tree stumps decay over time, growing fungi and potentially housing termites and other insects, which may lead to further damage to the stump as well as any surrounding plant species and property structures. Contact us for more information about our professional stump grinding services!

Yes! Our team of tree specialists provides land beautification, brush clearing, bush hogging, root raking, and land clearing services to property owners in Gainesville. Lot or land clearing is among the foundational tasks of transforming a property. When property owners plan to safely and effectively build a new home or another structure on their land, they need to understand what they are working with. Professional land clearing provides a clean canvas on the property, making way for construction and land beautification projects and renovations and lawn expansion plans. Arborists may implement services such as excavator work, backhoe work, root raking, grading services, cutting roads and paths, digging up stumps, and grinding roots during these services. Another consideration that is important for property owners is identifying and maintaining knowledge of the locations of underground cables and utility, gas, and electric lines. Once the location of these underground features is identified, the appropriate permits must be filed and approved before the next steps of the project. Even the smallest-scale land clearing projects require a great deal of care and attention. That’s why it’s important to work with experienced lot-clearing specialists, such as those with True Cut Tree Service, Inc.