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Tree Pruning & Trimming

The addition of trees to any landscape design adds depth and complexity. With reasonably easy maintenance and tree care, you can keep your trees healthy and beautiful. However, this does require some dedication to your trees every 2 – 3 years. While it may be easy to overlook basic tree care, it is crucial to the longevity of your trees and the safety of your home and family. When done correctly, it will greatly increase the curb appeal and enjoyment of your yard and surroundings.

Achieve and maintain optimal tree health with a tree specialist with True Cut Tree Service, Inc. Contact us today to learn more about our available tree services and to schedule a free consultation with one of our highly trained tree experts.

Man up in tree cutting a limb with a chainsaw

Why Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming and tree pruning are necessities for trees, especially in a residential setting. Think of it as a “haircut” and “health check-up” for your tree. Other than beautifying your trees and making your yard feel larger, trimming or removing improperly balanced branches and deadwood greatly reduces the risk of them breaking and falling, which can potentially harm the tree and/or property underneath. Furthermore, removing deadwood before it decays back into the tree’s main structure is paramount in persevering its strength, health, and integrity. In addition to eliminating rotten limbs and branches, a good tree company will use the opportunity to inspect the tree for fungal infection, parasitic Mistletoe, bark inclusion (“ingrown bark”), and other potential health hazards.

Trimming also helps give your trees the shape and aesthetic that you want for your landscape. When a tree looks imbalanced or distorted, it can throw off the appearance of your entire yard. Tree shaping helps you keep things tidy and organized, as well as healthy and optimally weighted for safety. Raising your tree canopy is also a great solution for improving outdoor appeal. Besides freshening the feel of your landscape, a canopy raise can help give the appearance of a larger yard. Quality tree trimming means you can have confidence in the safety of your yard and appreciate your landscape’s beauty with the peace of mind that your trees are healthy and happy!

We’ve Got You Covered!

You have options when it comes to trimming your trees. Some homeowners elect to purchase a pole saw or a pair of loppers and climb up on a ladder. While it can be tempting to take on the task yourself, it can be very dangerous without the proper equipment and training. Knowing how, where, and what to cut is also very important for your tree’s health and healing after a trim. Our tree company has the knowledge, experience, and optimal tools for safe, pristine execution. You can rest assured your tree trimming needs will be performed to our high standards, the cleanup will be meticulous, and the overall process hassle-free.

True Cut Tree Service, Inc. prides itself on quality and attention to detail, providing top-tier tree pruning to the Gainesville area. With friendly, knowledgeable professionals who approach every project with the same consideration and care, your yard will be safe, clean, and looking its best after our visit is complete! Check out our tree service FAQs or contact us today to schedule tree services.