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Gainesville, FL, Tree Removal Service

While trees are beautiful and a large part of the allure of your yard and landscape, they can also be very problematic when they become unhealthy or unsafe. At True Cut Tree Service, we always try to save good trees. However, there are common factors where the risk of saving a tree becomes much greater than the reward it brings.

If you require tree removal, our tree specialists are here to provide you high-quality results. Contact True Cut Tree Service, Inc. today to schedule a free tree assessment and to learn more about our encompassing range of available tree services.

Man standing next to large cut down tree trunk

When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

Tree removal may seem harsh, but for experienced tree service companies, it’s an essential service and part of everyday life. Dead and dying trees are not only eyesores — they’re potentially dangerous to your home, family, and neighbor. When evaluating whether your tree is a candidate for removal, it’s important to look for signs other than obvious signs of tree death (dropping leaves or limbs, flaking bark, discoloration, obvious signs of uprooting, etc.) and other much more subtle factors to examine.

Some of the common reasons for removing a tree include the degree of the tree’s lean, weak root structures, splitting or cracking, parasitic infestations or fungal infections, signs of internal decay, or simply the tree’s health starting to decline. Knowing the tree’s type and what to expect from it is key. Logistical issues may also call for a tree’s removal, such as a tree unsafely infringing on your utility lines or the roots are interfering with your plumbing or septic systems.

Having the right trees can impact your feelings about your landscape. True Cut Tree Service, Inc. will always provide you thorough information regarding health, safety, timber strength, root strength, wind resistance, and other noteworthy factors to evaluate when considering whether removal is the right choice for you and your family.

Dead Tree Removal

Dead and decaying trees can be serious safety hazards and major eyesores — so why leave them on your property? Removing dead trees from your property can mitigate the risk of damage to nearby structures, improve the appearance of your home or business, and eliminate possible nesting grounds for harmful pests. Don’t take unnecessary risks — the minute you identify a dead tree on your property, contact our licensed and insured Gainesville arborists to schedule dead tree removal services!

Hazardous Tree Removal

If your tree is considered hazardous, it should be removed immediately. Signs of a hazardous tree include splitting, leaning, decay, fungus on branches or roots, a lack of sound wood, uneven branches, and improper pruning. If a hazardous tree is left unattended, it could cause property damage or personal injury to you and your family. Contact our certified arborists right away for hazardous tree removal.

Can You Save My Tree?

Whether a tree can be saved depends on factors specific to the particular tree, such as the tree’s environment, the severity of tree issues, and any symptoms of tree disease. In addition, our team of tree service specialists will inspect the tree and review any existing tree damage during a free tree care assessment. Our team will inform you of the status of your tree, any potential tree problems, and how any existing issues might affect the safety and aesthetics of your property and the wellbeing surrounding trees and plants. Symptoms of tree disease include the following.

  • Cracks
  • Cankers
  • Deadwood
  • Weak Branch Unions
  • Weak Branch Joints
  • Decay

How We Decide to Remove A Tree

Deciding to remove a tree isn’t one to be taken lightly. Our tree specialists with True Cut Tree Service, Inc. weigh a number of factors before making a final recommendation to remove a problematic tree, including the locations of the tree, the tree’s environment, the tree’s structural integrity, and the tree’s history.

Location Of Tree

When it comes to determining tree health and tree removal, the location of the tree matters. If the tree has grown too close to a residential or commercial structure, removal may be necessary as they can eventually cause damage to these buildings and pose a safety hazard to humans. Additionally, a tree may require removal if they grow to more than 25-feet.

Environment Around Tree

When determining whether a tree needs to be removed or left in place, its environment is crucial. If the tree has a shallow root system, common among Florida trees near bodies of water, it can impact the tree’s ability to withstand high winds from storms and hurricanes.

Structural Stability Of Tree

Trees that lean may indicate a root system issue, rendering them unable to support the tree into an upright position effectively. In this case, the tree may require removal. Additionally, if the tree’s trunk is sufficiently damaged, then removal is likely required. Signs of internal decay, including dead branches, seams, vertical cracks, and large tree wounds, can likewise call for the removal of the tree.

History Of The Tree

Has the tree in question been pruned regularly? Have there been any traumatic events to the tree, such as a natural disaster or harmful storm that affected its health? What about changes to the tree’s soil level? When considering removing a tree, your tree care specialist will ask you these questions to help determine whether or not the tree requires removal.

We’re Here to Help!

Our tree removal company brings safety and excellence to all of Gainesville’s tree care needs. While removing a tree can be daunting, our team makes it easy and stress-free from start to finish. We start with a thorough consultation to examine all your options, maintain excellent communication through completion of the project, and are accessible by phone anytime to address any concerns you may have. On the day of the project, we arrive promptly and work until the project is complete. Unless other arrangements are made, all debris is removed immediately upon completion of the project.

We implement specialized cutting-edge, minimal-impact tree removal equipment, utilize the latest industry knowledge and techniques, and provide a strong element of pride and personalized care to each project. Our attention to detail ensures the surrounding landscape will sustain minimal wear, and we often leave your yard looking better than we found it. We provide a thorough cleanup, including raking in all worked-in areas, blowing of walkways, streets, and sidewalks, as well as your rooftop when safely accessible. We don’t want you to worry about anything except enjoying your surroundings when we’re all finished!