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Professional Tree Service In Gainesville, FL

Dead and dying trees present serious dangers to your home or business and anyone who sets foot on your property. In Gainesville, especially as storm season rolls around, pruning trees of deadwood and weak branches becomes absolutely essential. After all, the last thing any property owner wants is for strong winds to cause a dead tree to fall on a home, business, or vehicle. In addition, dead trees won’t grow, hamper curb appeal, and are serious safety hazards — so why leave them on your property?

Need a tree pruned of deadwood or outright removed from your property? Not a problem. Our trusted tree trimming company offers convenient and affordable tree care services, including tree removal, tree stump grinding, and tree pruning in Gainesville, FL!

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What Is Deadwood?

Deadwood refers to an area of wood on a tree that has died. A tree’s deadwood may appear as dry, brittle branches that break easily, branches that don’t produce leaves or needles, or a patch of missing bark. While it’s normal for trees to lose branches as part of their natural self-pruning process, the occurrence of deadwood is usually a sign of damage or poor health. Deadwood generally occurs when insects, animals, or diseases harm a tree. Additionally, when structures or other trees prohibit a tree from receiving adequate sunlight, it may develop deadwood.

Reasons To Prune Deadwood

Deadwood is a fairly common occurrence within trees, especially mature ones. Unfortunately, branches and trees weakened by deadwood are susceptible to falling and damaging property or injuring bystanders. Pruning is the primary way that our tree care specialists safely remove deadwood from trees and prevent the risk of damage.


Hurricane-force winds aren’t the only thing that can bring down branches affected by deadwood. Even mild gusts of wind can snap deadwood off a tree, causing it to crash down onto vehicles, houses, businesses, or unfortunate bystanders. Contact our licensed and insured arborists for dead tree branch removal as soon as you notice any potentially hazardous tree limbs.


Deadwood is seriously unattractive. Removing even one dead branch can significantly benefit a tree’s appearance and health, as well as the value of your property. Getting rid of dead branches and limbs from flower and fruit-bearing trees is a great way to encourage beautiful blooms and bountiful harvests come spring.

Prevent Decay

When a dead tree branch falls off on its own, it exposes the tree to unique health risks because when branches tear away from a tree’s trunk, they can also tear away layers of bark and the tree’s cambium cell layer. A tree’s inner bark carries nutrients to the rest of the tree, so it can inhibit further growth when this layer is damaged. Worse yet, the exposure of a tree’s inner layers leads to an increased risk of mold growth and insect infestation. With professional tree trimming services, property owners can mitigate these risks.

Increased Structural Integrity

Weak, crooked, and hanging branches threaten a tree’s structural integrity and cause trees to grow at an awkward angle. Moreover, a tree’s center of gravity can be negatively affected by deadwood, especially when it causes branches near a tree’s crown to be lopsided. In extreme circumstances, deadwood can even cause a tree’s structural integrity to fail. Pruning away dead branches can help straighten a tree and make them more structurally sound.

How To Identify A Dead Or Dying Tree

Knowing how to identify a dead or dying tree can help you avoid catastrophe. Here are a few signs that you need to schedule dead tree removal services.

  • Broken Branches Around Tree
  • Visible Rot Or Fungus
  • Leaning Trees
  • Lack Of Foliage
  • Brittle Branches
  • Peeling Bark
  • Termite Infestation
  • Lack Of Green Under The Bark

Should I Cut Down A Dead Tree Myself?

Absolutely not. Unless you have the proper tools and training, removing a dead tree can be hazardous. Additionally, if the removal is done incorrectly, it can cause further problems to develop on your property. Rather than run the risk of injury, contact our licensed and insured tree removal specialists. The specialists with our tree cutting company use cutting-edge, minimal-impact tree removal equipment, utilize the latest industry techniques, and provide personalized service to every project they tackle. Due to our meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that your landscape sustains minimal wear. Additionally, once service is complete, we rake your property and blow off all walkways, streets, and sidewalks, as well as any rooftops that we can access safely. Contact True Cut Tree Service, Inc. today to schedule professional tree removal services!