4 Benefits Of Tree Preservation

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Beyond the many aspects we already appreciate about trees, such as providing us with oxygen, shade, gorgeous natural scenery, and something fun to climb as children — trees also offer unique benefits to communities and the properties within them. Trees are a major economic asset and can foster a positive community image. Below, the tree specialists with our professional tree care company outline a few reasons why commercial and residential property owners alike should consider preserving the trees on their property.

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Benefits Of Tree Preservation

Increased Property Value

Having big, beautiful trees on your residential property can increase its value. Healthy, maintained trees boost a property’s curb appeal, attracting more potential home buyers, resulting in more offers and a greater likelihood the property will sell at a competitive price. Additionally, homebuyers tend to favor neighborhoods with trees, and homes with trees sell for an average of 5% more than those without trees.

Attract More Customers

It’s no secret a commercial property’s appearance significantly influences whether customers are attracted or repelled to a business. Similar to how trees can benefit residential property values, a landscape adorned with healthy trees can help attract customers to commercial properties. Well-landscape commercial properties with plenty of trees can also help boost the occupancy rates of commercial properties.

Improved Air Quality

Having trees in a community can reduce pollution and improve air quality. Mature trees can absorb approximately 120–240 pounds per year of small particles and gases, such as carbon dioxide, which are released into the air by automobiles and industrial facilities. A single tree produces roughly three-quarters of the oxygen needed by an individual, and a canopy of trees in an urban setting can reduce smog levels by up to 6%.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Trees can help reduce a community’s noise levels, which is a major benefit since excessive or unwanted sound has negative physical and psychological effects. For example, a city's roads and highways are major sources of noise, and trees can help deaden this noise as a tree's leaves, branches, and twigs absorb sound waves.