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Trees are a vital part of our planet and crucial to our survival. They provide us with oxygen, shelter wildlife, help us breathe, and grow food for us to eat. Planting trees is one of the simplest and most sustainable ways to positively affect the environment and provides a host of benefits to all. Trees also continue the water cycle, control soil erosion, and provide economic benefits to commercial and residential properties. Here, True Cut Tree Service, Inc. discusses five reasons you should plant trees.

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reasons to plant a tree

Trees Improve Air Quality

Trees naturally improve the air quality by absorbing toxic chemicals from the atmosphere. The leaves and bark of trees absorb pollutants, including gasses and odors such as ammonia, ozone, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, and more. Trees also act as natural filters, as they filter particulates from the air, getting rid of toxic materials for the benefit of all living things. Another way they improve air quality is by producing oxygen. This makes it easier to breathe high-quality, healthy air.

Trees Prevent Soil Erosion & Runoff

Storms, hurricanes, and heavy rainfall can result in flash flooding. Planting trees on your property can help reduce flash flooding. Whether planted or growing wild, a full-grown or mature tree can intercept more than 1,000 gallons of water each year, recharging our underground aquifers. During heavy rainfall, water runoff finds its way into streams, lakes, and wetlands, boosting the chance of flooding. Leaf canopies can help buffer the falling rain, and their roots can hold the soil in place, helping to encourage the water to seep into the ground instead of running off.

Trees Are Integral For Biodiversity

A single tree can provide a home to hundreds or thousands of species of insects, animals, and other plant life. Depending on the type of food and shelter, different native animals require different habitats. Without the presence and abundance of trees, these creatures don’t have a place to call home, making it easier for invasive species to take over and reducing the local biodiversity. Helping ensure a rich native environment can also help you reduce costs, as they can provide natural protection to critters and properties.

Trees Reduce Costs & Add Value

Trees help us conserve energy in the summer and winter, as they provide shade from the scorching summertime sun and provide shelter from the cold and rain during the cooler months. Trees protecting you and your property from the elements can help you spend less on monthly utility bills, making it easier to heat and cool your home or business. What’s more, the addition of strong, healthy trees on your property can also serve to help increase property values. Home-buyers typically prefer properties with trees than those without trees.

Trees Provide Shade

The summer heat can be brutal, especially in North Central Florida, but an appropriate shade tree can transform even the smallest outdoor space, as a tree’s canopy can be a natural extension of your backyard’s living space! Aside from making your backyard more enjoyable to relax in, shade trees can help reduce the cost of irrigation by decreasing the evaporation rates of the surrounding soil. We recommend patio trees, such as the Eastern Redbud and Japanese maple, which are perfect for company backyards due to their small size.