4 Signs It’s Time To Remove A Tree

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Sometimes, it can be difficult to let a beloved tree go. Maybe it’s a tree that’s been on the property for your entire life or holds a special significance for you. Or, maybe you’re worried about the safety of your home and are unsure of the tree’s health. If you’re unsure if it may be time to have a tree removed from your property, check out these four signs you need tree removal.

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Worker cutting a tree branch with a chainsaw

Extensive Damage

Tree damage that occurs during storms can sometimes be irreversible for a tree. Losing a few smaller branches is one thing, but when huge branches come off, the tree begins to lean, or has fallen altogether, emergency tree removal is often the only option. Even a smaller tree can pose a serious risk to your property if it falls in the wrong direction. While emergency tree removal is most common after a storm, being proactive and having a weak tree removed before real damage can occur is often the best preventative measure you can take.

Dead Or Dying

The kind of tree damage that warrants a removal may not always be immediately apparent. That’s because a tree may be suffering from internal damage, such as a termite infestation, or may have experienced lesser damage repeatedly over the years, such as root damage from lawnmowers. However, if you notice that your tree is discolored yellow or brown, wilting, leaning, or dropping branches more frequently, there may still be hope for your tree. Tree bracing for reinforcement may be an option to save some trees, depending on their ailments. However, if the bark or tree trunk has become brittle, changed color, or begun to lean significantly, the tree might be beyond saving. A tree care assessment can determine whether or not our team can save the tree and how it might best achieve that if possible.

In The Way

Sometimes a tree or a cluster of trees just happens to be in a poor location. It might be that it’s creating too much shade, it’s too close to a fence and is causing structural issues, or you want to add new features to your backyard or landscaping. No matter the reason you wish to remove a tree, we offer single tree removal, land clearing for multiple trees and shrubs, and stump grinding to give you a clean slate to work with.

Can’t Maintain It

Trees can be a lot of work to maintain their health and pleasing appearance. An uncared-for tree can quickly become an eyesore and reduce curb appeal. Tree trimming services can be an easy, no-hassle way to have the beauty of trees on your property without any work. However, if you don’t want to invest either the time or money, we suggest just having the tree removed. When a tree isn’t properly cared for, it can become sick and weak and become a danger to your property.