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Trees are the ornaments of the yard and give comfort, shade, and shelter to you, your home, and the creatures that use your trees as their home. Tree trimming may seem like a tedious job, but it is a minor detail when it comes to tree care and can boast many advantages for your property and the health of the tree itself. Our tree specialists at True Cut Tree Services, Inc. have outlined six benefits of routine tree trimming.

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Close up photo of some pruning loppers cutting a small tree branch

Value & Appearance

With stunning, perfectly trimmed trees detailing your property, it can add curb appeal and make your property stand out from the other nearby properties. In addition, if you are interested in selling your property in the future, tree trimming done correctly may raise property value and even save electricity through cooling in the hotter months and providing a windbreak during winter.

Tree Health

Conducting routine tree trimming can also help to improve the overall health of your trees! When a certified arborist trims the tree, weakening, damaged, or diseased branches may be removed, which can help the tree retain its overall health. In addition, when you remove undesired branches from your trees, it makes it simpler for other portions of the tree to thrive and encourages more fruits and leaves to be produced.

More Safety

The wood in dead tree limbs is not replenished with nutrients or moisture, causing the wood to become brittle and more susceptible to breaking. Dead tree limbs are often hazardous as they can break off from the tree and cause damage to your house or even hit a visitor or passerby. Routine tree trimming can remove these dead branches and can help prevent any sick trees from spreading diseases.

Better Structure

Routine trimming can help enhance the structure of your trees, as poor tree structure can cause limbs to break and even tree failure. If you have any trees on your property that have too high or too low branches, your tree may benefit from structural tree trimming. This can help stabilize trees and reduce the risks of broken branches! Tree cabling can also help prevent them from succumbing to a variety of structural issues.

Detect Issues

When looking at the trees on your property, you might not notice any serious underlying issues, which is when routine tree trimming comes into play. Tree trimming can help identify any tree diseases or other issues that you can easily overlook, so our residential tree trimming company can treat your trees and help prevent other problems from rearing their heads! Tree-care assessments can also help ensure the health and safety of your trees.

Pest Management

Where there is nature, there are also thousands of different insect species that could be making the trees on your property their new home! Some insects can damage your trees, such as aphids and whiteflies that suck nutrients and sap from plants, including trees. If these trees are located close to your home, these unwanted pests may be able to move inside of your home. Routine tree trimming can help manage pest problems and keep them outside of your house.