4 Signs It’s Time For Tree Trimming Services

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Trees, much like any living thing, require proper care and support to maintain good health. The best way for property owners to provide trees with the care they need is by pruning them of deadweight, overgrowth, and hanging branches. Truly, tree trimming is an essential part of maintaining a tree’s health and natural beauty. Plus, properly trimmed trees can improve your property’s curb appeal and lessen the risks of incurring damage from fallen branches. But, how is one supposed to know when it’s time to prune their property’s trees? Don’t worry. Our tree care specialists have got you covered.

Below, the experts with our licensed and insured tree pruning company outline four telltale signs that you need tree trimming services. Contact True Cut Tree Service, Inc. today to request a free estimate on our tree care services!

Arborist using chainsaw to cut tree branch

Broken Branches

If you notice a tree’s branch has broken, splintered, died, or begun to bend at an awkward angle, schedule professional tree service as soon as possible. Dead tree branches pose a serious safety hazard, especially in hurricane-prone North Central Florida, where strong wind gusts could cause dead limbs to fall on a home, business, or person. Not all broken or damaged branches will be easily noticed, so schedule a free tree care assessment with our certified arborists as a precautionary measure ahead of the stormy season.

Untamed Growth

Everyone loves to look out at their yard and see lush, green growth on their plants and trees. However, too much growth can be a bad thing. Without regular pruning, trees may begin to grow untamed and in directions that are less than ideal. For example, the minute you notice that a tree on your property has grown too close to a power line, contact our Gainesville tree service experts for tree trimming service. Not only will trimming untamed growth keep your trees healthy, but it can also improve the curb appeal of your property!

Overlapping Branches

Branches overlapping with one another may not sound like a big deal at first, but it can cause more problems than you’d expect. When branches grow too closely together, the tree’s bark can become damaged. Over time, overlapping branches will decay and die because they aren't growing correctly. Worse yet, decay can spread to other branches throughout the affected tree. In the worst-case scenario, your entire tree may decay and need to be removed. If you believe your tree has already deteriorated to a hazardous level, contact our specialists for tree removal services.

Tree Cankers

The term “canker” refers to a dead area or blister on the bark of a tree. A tree canker is like a wound caused by several complications, including environmental conditions, chemicals, insects, or fungi. If left untreated, cankers can cause entire trees to decay. The moment you discover a tree canker, contact our trusted tree cutting company. Our licensed and insured arborists in Gainesville can prune a tree’s canker and help prevent rotting.